Recipe: Green Tea Tapioca Pudding

When I bought Tapioca pearls, because I did not find tapioca flour, I was unaware, that there are not a lot of recipes around using tapioca pearls. The bubble tea seems to be the only thing beside the tapioca pudding, that is even made with pearls.

But as I like experimenting, and I do have to use them eventually, I decided to try to make green tea tapioca pudding and see, if I could use it as pie filling.

I started by soaking the tapioca pearls in two cups of green tea and two cups of water. I used the mate tea, since it was the only one I had on hand, but since it is similar to green tea, I do not think that it makes any difference.

I went back to writing, until a couple of hours later, I remembered that I am technically still in the middle of cooking. I went there and put the pot on oven. I heated the tapioca pearls in green tea, first on the high medium fire, but when it came close to boiling, I lowered it down to low medium setting. I mixed it all the time.

I was a little worried, that the mixture become a dark green colour, reminding me of the spinach. But I just shrugged and continued mixing, until the pearls were transparent.

I was also a little worried, that the pudding was not thick enough. I had some tapioca flour, so I thought: “Well, they are both made from tapioca. That can’t go wrong”.

Wrong thought for me. I tried to add some tapioca flour in the mixture, but it only got tangled in the mixture, leaving the white lumps, and it didn’t thicken the mixture at all. I am never again trying that. Lesson learned, keep the tapioca pearls and tapioca flour away from one another.

But on the end, the mixture was not really to tick. I guess I am more used to ticker puddings, but after pouring it on my plate (have no bowls), and trying it, I change my mind. I quite like the texture.

The taste was like a green tea. I sprinkled some sugar on top, because as much as I like the taste, eating three plates of pudding that tastes only like green tea was not a lucrative idea.

Some of it was left over, and over the night, it thickened. The taste was actually a little stronger than in the evening, but the structure was right, to be used in the pies.

Now I need that cacao and coconut flour, and maybe some nuts, to make that pie crust, that I wanted to try to make.