Ranní, The Morning Sun [Fiction]

Kevin was sitting on the floor, panting, as he stared at the cup on the table. His eyes were wide open, and his arm was covering his torso.

The small head appeared above the cup, using the small hands to keep herself up. She looked hesitant, with her wide eyes and her wings were vibrating.

Kevin slowly stood up, still keeping distance. The thing in the cup was lowering herself a little, but it was still seen. He slowly came closer and took a look.

Her wings were beautiful, like the wings of the elegant butterfly, that was flying among the colorful flowers in the summer field. There were a black, tiny cat like ears, almost hidden by her white hair. Her dark purple eyes reminding him of the night see.

He smiled as he lowered herself to her eye level.

"I am Kevin. What is your name?"

He looked at her expectantly, but inside he was face palming. Why would the creature even understood him?


Ranní's voice was soft like the morning sun, that slowly licked the land, as he awake everything up. Ranní quietly giggled. He blinked at her.

"Ranní means morning. I was named after the morning sun."

He made a voiceless 'o' sound, nodding his head. But then he peered at her.

"You can read your mind?"

Ranní hid herself in the cup, so only the top of the head was seen. Kevin cringed at that.

"I am sorry. No more questions."

She raised herself up, looking at him, evaluating him. She bit her lip. Then she shook her head.

"it is just, that I had never been in this world before."

She looked away, like expecting something, but it didn't come. She turned back to him, her eyes wide in surprise.

"You believe me."

He looked up, thinking as his shoulder jumped a little, his lips curling. They looked at each other and started laughing.

"Why are we laughing?"

Renní looked at him, stopped laughing and just looked at him with a smile.

"I am glad."

He looked at her in confusion, as she tried her wings a little. She flexed them and made a trial swing. She looked satisfied as she raised herself up, and Kevin followed her.

"After yesterday, I thought I would never hear you laugh again."

Kevin immediately sobered, the memories of yesterday following his mind. The betrayal, the emptiness inside his head, the giving up on the future. That woman...

His thought stopped, as he saw Renní plunder toward the floor. He had thrown himself on the floor, catching her before she hit the ground. He looked at her, suddenly afraid.

"Who are you?"

She looked at him, a sad smile. She stood up, but her wings were no longer working. They didn't move. Kevin watched her and then realization came over his face.

"You shouldn't give up yet. There is a bright future in front of you."

Kevin raised himself, but he didn't say anything, still having his mouth open.


Renní looked at him sternly. She raised one finger, just the same as his favourite teacher from his first grade did, when he did something stupid. He looked down, ashamed.

"I forgot. I am sorry."

Kevin gulped. He didn't want to see the results of his failure. He tried to ignore everything, until the tickling in his hands become so intense, that he started laughing. He looked at her, afraid, but for some reason feeling better. He didn't want to question it, so that even if it was an illusion, he could pretend a little longer.

"I guess I can't give up now, if that means killing all of you."

Renní looked at him encouraging and at the same time appeasing. She nodded.

"As long as you remember that."

He blinked. He was in the kitchen, but Renní disappeared. He looked around, but she was nowhere to be seen. There was just a voice in his head.

"After the darkest pitch of the night, the morning sun always comes."