Our Brain Is Made To Understand Other People

There are two systems inside our brain, that make us better understand people. Not only that, we are also using them all the time and without any mental strain.

The first system is called mirror neuron network. Similar to the psychological mirroring effect, it help us copy the person in front of us.

For example, if the person smiles at me, I am much more likely to automatically smile back. To not smile back would require mental or emotional decision to not smile. Or how one person starts to yawn, and all the room follow the example. We probably all experienced the example, where a reason crossed his arms in front of him, and people started to copy him.

Not to say, that the body language is not a powerful tool to read people, but most instructions forget about the part, where we copy other people without being aware.

The second system is called hemodynamic system. It is the system, that helps us copy the feeling of the people around us. It is a system, where a person can feel, what the other person is feeling.

The whole concept of walking in each other shoes in made possible by the use of this system.

We had all experienced it. When talking with the angry person, it is a lot harder to stay calm. But when we talk with the walking bubble of energy, then we can’t help but feeling inspired. Also, happy people bring happiness to the world, by making other people happy.

I had a pleasure to meet the person, that trained this system inside his brain. He called it inner mirroring. The intensity of the connection was really impressive.

But even so, people are different. There are not two equal people to any of us. So sometimes, even if we can feel their emotions, we do not know, what to do with them. We try to help, like we want somebody to help as, if we would be in this situation.

Sometimes that is enough. But sometimes it isn’t.

Even if we are naturally equipped with all the tools to understand each other, it is not a easy road. But rest assure, some of it happens whatever we like it or not.