One Way of How to Introduce your Child to Vegetables

The following have been the standard picture of the picky children. The whole thing happened in the kitchen. The mother prepares a meal for the child, and the child eats it, but he leaves the peas on the plate. The mother tries to get him to eat them, but he is stubborn, and he ends up in tears, hoping to get his parent to understand. But they still try to force him to eat his vegetables.

The more I listen to the parents with children, the more the common problem arises. The most problematic food group, at least according to the parents I talked about, seems to be vegetables. For some reason their children to not like to eat them.

So that got me thinking; why it that?

I think the reason is most likely, that they just aren't used to the vegetables. Some of the parents are the type, to also not eat any vegetables so why do they even think, that their children are going to embrace it.

The studies indicate, that the more a child is exposed to the vegetables, especially if it doesn't involve any negative feeling, the more likely he is to eventually try it.

So the one way to introduce the vegetables to children is to actually eat more vegetables yourself. Start eating vegetables in front of your children. Maybe even take him to the market and let him choose a vegetable, he want to eat. Or let him help you cook the meal, and see, what is inside of it.

The last way is probably also useful for any picky eater. Just make sure, you are actually making something good-looking. If the ingredients look horrible, it might make him even more picky.

But first of all, embrace the vegetables yourself. Do not be like overweight doctor, who tried to get you to lose weight. It doesn't work that way, and the child might even found you contradictory.