My Way Of Writing

I started writing when I was about 10 years old. I was going through mild depression in my life and writing poetry helped me came in terms with my feelings. It also helped me get over it and brought me to the happier times.

My school psychiatrist recommended, that I try to publish my poetry in the school paper. But the librarian in charge of the school paper was not really impressed by my poems. They didn't rime, so to get published, they needed to get changed.

I thought I wouldn't mind, but seeing the corrected version in the school paper, I realized that I did mind. I was so disappointed, that it put a stop on almost all my future poetry tires.

But around the same time, I was getting lost in the imaginary words a lot. I started writing fiction. Original and fanfiction. They were mostly just snippets of the stories, that were playing inside my head. I probably didn't finish any of the stories, that I started back them. But I did write a lot.

In the first year of the high school, I was introduced into haikus. I liked the meaning, that was packed into such a short form. I started writing them, and that was the only type of poetry to this day, that I had written after the school paper accident.

I did my first NaNoWriMo in high school or maybe the beginning of university. I wrote more than 50.000 words in a month, but I still hadn't managed to finish the story.

At the start of the university, I realized, that my thought become a lot more crystallizes, when I put them on the paper. I started to use it as a type of learning.

I heard about the publishing principe. That the writing become better, the more you write and publish things. I read about it from Steve Pavlina's blog.

I tried blogging, but I usually deleted my blogs after a couple of days. It was around that time, that my stories started to concentrate on the short stories, and I actually started to finish them.

Then I accompanied my mom to the lecture about the Squidoo. Writing on the sites, where I didn't need to worry about anything else but writing sounded like a dream come true. Squidoo didn't make live up to expectations, but I started to search for similar sites, that are more suited for me.

I also published a couple of fanfiction stories on sites created for that. But I did lose most of the stories by losing scraps of paper, that I used to write them down or in a computer crash a couple of years ago. The same for the original stories.

The more I post my writing online, the more I realize, that I have more ideas to write about. I do not remember the day in the recent past, when I didn't now have any idea what to write about.

So, why do you write? Share your story with others as well.