My Two Inner Voices

I have two voices inside of me. They are separated from my thinking, and only when I listen to them, can they influence it. But I can hear them all the time, even when not heading their words. The exception would be, when they have nothing smart to say or when he is sulking.

My first voice is a female. She occupies my left side. I remember it having it from at least seven grade of school (around 11 years old). She sound similar to me, but a little older and a little more composed. Like she is in control of everything. She is extremely calm.

She likes to overthink and overanalyze. She is the one, that is going to go through every line after the conversation, pointing out all my mistakes, all my great lines, all the times I could be misunderstood, all the times others could be misunderstood.

She also likes to analyse the things in advance. She can come up with more than 10 different scenarios in what can happened. That occurs also, when I am not even making a decision, but it is a lot louder, when I am. Or if I am afraid.

It doesn't really help, when I am nervous, and she point out the best case scenario and the worst case scenario. The reality is usually in between, and most of the time closer to the best case scenario.

She is also critical towards me and others. But I think she likes to criticise me more. She wants me to succeed, and she points out my mistakes to help me. All the time.

My second voice did came up from time to time since my 8 grade (about 12 years old). But I did not started to hear him constantly until I was 18 years old.

He is a male, and he is definitely younger than my female voice. His voice is coming from my right side. I think he is younger than me, but I am not sure. If he is, it is not by much.

He is the one, that urges me to try new thing. To meet new people. Always thinking of new possibilities.

He would like me to just explore the world and amass the enormous amounts of knowledge.

But he is not patient at all. He would prefer to jump from one thing to another. Form one person to another. From one idea to another.

He wants me to be open-minded, constantly seeking out new information. He doesn't want me to be bored and to enjoy my life.

He is also harder to reason with or even harder to talk to than my female voice.

I have other voices, but I they are barely coming out, so I don't know a lot about them.

I accepted that part of my personality. I like it, that I am be able to talk with them, observing them and with that knowing more about myself. I am grateful for the idea, that I have multiple dimensions personality.

I don't know, maybe the next personality is going to be the one, that really enjoys the sensations. Or one that is going to finally explain how people work, to understand them and use that knowledge to make the world the better place.

Do you have an inner voices? If you do, please describe them to me (if the question is not too personal).