Last Night [Fiction]

Miran entered into the room, the hot vapor rising from the cup of green tea in his arm. He stopped short, and smiled, as he looked down on the sleeping person in front of him.

She was lying down, her head propped on her arms in front of her. She was slouched forward in her chair, the papers were scattered around the table.

Miran carefully put the tea down, and took the cover, to put it around her shoulder. There was a small smile, as he shook her head and started to tidy the papers.

He glanced at the couple of them, but then he suddenly stopped. He picked the top paper of the stack, that he had just made. His eyes glanced through the words, his face an

unreadable mask. He looked at the woman lying on the table and back to the papers.

He picked the other papers up. One by one. Reading all the information on it. He couldn't connect some of it, but most of it was familiar. Scary familiar.

He put the papers back into the stack, and closed his eyes. He remained there for a couple of seconds, taking a breath in and out. Deeply to get the oxygen into his brain.

He opened his eyes. They were a lot more focused now, that just moments ago. He put his hand on her shoulder.

"I am sorry, but I have to do this."

He left, not once disturbing her sleep.

Maja woke up in the morning, feeling the drowsiness in her eyes. Her neck was hurting and her legs had fallen asleep. She stretched, moving her head to get rid of the stiffness in her neck.

She looked around and noticed the stack of paper and tea. She put the hand on the cup, feeling only coldness. She took a sip from it, the cold fragrance of jasmine felling foregin on her tongue.


She waited for a moment, as she put the cup down, listening for the answer. There was only silence.

She looked through every room in the building. It didn't look any different than normal.

Maja ended up in the kitchen, where she took her phone, and tried calling, but she only got a voice mail. She texted, but there was no answer, so she pocketed the phone and looked through the window.

"I really hoped we would not end up enemies."

The song of the birds was her only answer.