Kids Being Bullied For Humor

There was a BBC article title Bullied children using ‘wrong jokes'. It basically says, that kids, that use self-defeating jokes are more likely to become the victims of bullying. The self-defeating jokes are defined as ‘saying something funny about things that are wrong with me or mistakes that I make’.

There are objections that I have with that article.

They did not tell as if jokes were a symptom or an underlying cause. They discovered, that people making self-defeating jokes tend to be in a realm of the kids with self-esteem problems. But then, the cause could be, that people with self-esteem problems get to be bullied more, and the jokes are just a way notice, who has a lack of self-esteem.

The pack usually works, that they pick up on the weakest member. Either to drive him away or to make him stronger.

I don’t know if it is a culture thing, but people, that can laugh and make fun of their own mistake are usually a lot better accepted. Better than trying to pretend, that you are the best in the world, and ending up fake.

A lot of world renown public speakers use it, when something goes wrong on the stage. A lot of stand-up comedians can made their own routines base on only that.

Also, the article was written in a way, like the child makes himself a victim of a bullying. While it might be true, that appearance or behavior can trigger the bullying, the victim is not responsible for it. It is like saying, that the abandoned dog was responsible for the act of his owners - throwing him away.

But in reality, some people enjoy some activities more and some less. Just like some people could never abandon the animal, some people can not take care of it. The same with kids. There are always going to be kids, that will bully people, just like there are always going to be kids, that are not going to be bullying others.

Even if most of the kids are not the extremes on the upper scale, there are still differences between them.

So even if the bullied kid would not be there, somebody else will probably be bullied instead. Or saying differently, a person bullied in one environment does not mean, he is going to be bullied in a different environment.

You can read an article BBC article title Bullied children using ‘wrong jokes’ here.