I Want the Drugs to be Legalized

When you read the title above, how did you feel? Did you agree with me? Were against me? Indifferent? Thought I am a junky? Become angry? Become sad?

There are not a lot of people, that do not have opinion on this subject. Or at least I have not meet them yet. Let me show you my thinking on that.

I do not believe, that by forbidding the drugs, we are doing anything to lower the consumption. After all, in most countries on the world, most drugs are forbidden to either sell or use or both. After all, in the USA, the amount spent on cocaine only is more than 30 billion dollars. I had seen the information, that only USA spends around 50 billion dollars on illicit drugs per year.

And yet all of these drugs have been outlawed for years, if not decades. And if that is helping to lower the amount of drugs that people take, then it is not an effective way.

But let take into account, what would happened if the drugs would be legalized.

The first effect would be, that the ‘forbidden fruit' effect would be gone. In the forbidden fruit hypothesis, the scientist proved with the series of three tests on students and based on their relationships and their aptitude towards cheating, that if something is forbidden, then it becomes more desirable.

With the drugs no longer forbidden, the effect gone, which might actually help to lower the number of the people, that actually try the drugs.

The second one is government revenue. I find the current taxes, at least in our system, to high. But if the drug market would be taxed as well, then the revenue of the country would increase. That would lead to one of the two consequences. Or there are going to be more benefits for people or the other taxes will lower. But the first one has higher probability of coming true.

We would also had a lot better statistics about how much drugs are actually consumed. And they would have to be created in the safe environment. Also the drug would have to go through clinical testing, before coming on the market, making the drugs safer.

Also, with legalization of the drugs, there are going to be big organizations, that will probably control this market. Could be, that some of the already existing ones would take additional programs to their company. Or they would be new companies created.

That would have two consequences.

The first would be, that all the criminal activity concerning drugs would have moved from the streets to the people in the highest position. That would make at least some of the cities safer.

The second one would be new jobs. Companies need sells people, workers that prepare the products, accountants, logistic people and so many more. All of these new jobs could maybe lower the unemployment.

There are a lot of value related counterarguments, and there is not a lot of possibility, that the cartels would allow that, if they would not be positive, that they would continue making profit out of it. But I hope, that someday it will become true.