Why Did I Decided To Try Being Vegan?

Yesterday, I posted the 7 day vegan challenge (link below). It is a challenge, to try and eat vegan food only for a week.

But my route here was longer than I care to admit.

I am vegetarian going vegan. There was one thing, that every person expected me to do. It is what my vegetarians tried to do with me. That is, convince people to become vegetarian.

My best friend had become vegetarian years before me. Worried about the animals, he constantly checked the ingredients and tried to convince people to join him on his crusade. His descriptions were grotesque and not something, that I wanted to hear that much.

It actually put me off the whole idea.

At around the same time, I was interested in how can I help the environment. If given a choice, I went with the public transportation instead of asking somebody to drive me in a car. I never drove a car by myself. If not specifically asked, I would not drive a car at all. I started to use a bike. I tried to use less electricity. I tried to produce as little trash as possible.

But the more are researched it, the more I heard, that animal industry was responsible for that.

But just thinking, that I am going to turn into vegetarian monster was too horrible for me. Bugging people about their own choices was never my thing. Everybody is responsible for himself.

But then my best friend stopped talking about thing like that to me. It was refreshing.

So I tried little steppes. I tried different protein foods, that could be use as vegetarian. I tried tofu, beans noodles, soy noodles, mushrooms and so on. I started to like that kind of food.

I tried vegetarian for a month. I secusseded. I tried it for a longer period.

The main reason is still environment. If not for the thought of that, I would not be able to make adjustments with other people.

There was also the additional perk of that diet. I got introduced to a lot of different kinds of food, I never tried before. Cooking with imposed limitations become a fun challenge, and I had introduced temporally other limitations as well.

So now I am trying vegan diet. Still for the same reasons.

But considering I still remember, how it was like to be pestered by my best friend, I try not to do it. I will explain my reasons, if asked. Usually I only tell the people, if we are eating outside, what I eat.

The internet is the only exceptions, since the people can always hit back and leave, when they want to.

And here is my post on 7 day vegan chalange.