How Much do We Need to Eat

When was the last time, you had felt hunger? The feeling of you stomach contracting, the sound of the rumbling, that seems loud as the earthquake. The fatigues that came with it. If you are like me and live in a first world country, than the answer is probably a long time ago or never.

I am surprised at people, claiming to be hungry barely a couple of hours after eating a meal. Like our bodies would need the food every couple of hours. I can think of a numerous reasons, why constitution like that would get us killed thousands of years ago.

So sometimes, people like that still surprise me. Like, for example, when we went to the conference together. We first stopped for really late breakfast, but that part didn't surprise me, since some people do not eat breakfast at home. Even I eat something.

But then during the conference, which only lasted about six hours, each and every one of them snacked on something.

Not only that, after six hours, they all ate dinner, and offering me food. I wasn't hungry, but I did try a piece of something, before realizing, that they are going to be keeping offering me food. The reason? They couldn't believe I wasn't hungry.

After dinner, one person ate even on the way back. Right after dinner.

I mostly eat about two meals per day, and if I get so distracted, that I do not eat for more than 24 hours, than the rubbing of my stomach will remind me, that I am hungry. Or if I eat too little in the long run, I am going to feel weaker and will have a bigger appetite, until my reserves replenish.

I like the food, and I like the cooking even more. But I think it is wasteful to make so much food and eat it. But it is true, that throwing the food away is even more wasteful, and I never do that.

Considering, that most people in first world countries eat too many calories anyway, I wonder sometimes... Do they simply need so much more calories, since their bodies are created differently than mine, or is it not a hunger but a habit?