Homeschooling: Yes or No?

There are a lot of conflicting information on this subject. On one hand, in some countries, such as Sweden, the authorities have the right to take the child from their parents, if they do not get permission to home school and do not send him to normal school. With the government being the one issuing these permissions. On the other hand we have places in USA, where homeschooling is accepted as any other education. Some university even prefer to admit homeschooled ones when enrolling them.

One of the strongest argument for homeschooling is, that every child is different. Some are more interested in art, other in writing, some science or history. Some are more talented in sports and some in human interactions, or have a knack for numbers.

Homeschooling allows these kids to concentrate on their strengths and not on their weaknesses. Not everybody needs to know, how does induction work, but for somebody working with electricity and magnets, the need for knowledge is much greater in this subject, that people learn in school.

The other strong argument is to teach a child, to think for himself. In the schools, there is always a need for conformity. Even if the teachers try to teach the open-mindedness, in reality it usually only shift the focus. Instead of being judgemental to the races, they become judgemental to the people around them, judging who does the thing, the teacher said is wrong. That even become worse, as kids become teenagers.

But there are also reasons against homeschooling. Like the most quoted one. If the parents does not have a social circle beside his coworkers, than getting the child to socialize can become a great problem. It is easier, if the parent is comfortable speaking with new people and allows the kids to meet new people as well. You can't teach a kid to be afraid of strangers and meet other people at the same time.

The second one is the possibility of abuse. Some parents could keep the kids at home, to indoctrinate them into their belief, with or against their will. Or it could be used as excuse for hiding the signs of trauma, like beating or sexual exploits.

On the end, the question is what is more important? What does the kid wants? What is the best for the kid? And, do parents even have the time and resources to homeschool, or are they better of in schools?

What is your opinion? Homeschooling: Yes or No?