German Language Learning Resources: Extr@

In my quest to learn languages, I am always looking for the new ways to try to the new resources to test.

Since I had recently decided, that I am going to become more serious in my German studies, I was looking around and found this.

Extr@ is a TV series, made for language learning. Not is a way, to introduce the conversation and then explanation, but a TV series, like the watch them on TV. Just the level of language is lower.

This particular series is offered for learners of English, German, Spanish and French.

The story is about Sascha and Anna, worker and a student that are living together. They have neighbour called Nic, and the get a visitor from America called Sam. They have everyday problems like talking with the boss, and losing the winning lottery ticket and so on. It is a comedy, that mostly concentrate on ever-changing love interests.

I normally do not watch these kind of shows, but I do find them entertaining. That is why I can make myself watch them in the name of the language learning. Since there have German subtitles as well, if I don't understand something, I can usually double-check in them, using the similarities with English to understand. Or use dictionary, since I know the spelling of the word.

The situations are also easy to understand just by looking at the actors and seeing their reaction. They sometimes overact, but I think it was made with beginners learners in mind. I didn't bother me, but it might bother some.

There are only 13 episodes, each the length of a little more than 20 minutes. It is not a lot of time to invest, considering how much time a language learning can take, but it can be encouraging, to understand what is going on, with no subtitles.

I can recommend this series to the learner of German language, that like watching television. The series can be found on YouTube on page