Food for Children and Food for Parents

To me, there was never any difference between the food that we ate as children and the food that my parents ate. We all had the same things for our meal, and we could take our snack from the same place they did.

They were differences in preferences, but that only meant, that my sister ate more tomatoes, I ate more apples, my dad was usually skipping the fruit and snacked on salami with bread or chocolate and my mom ate salad.

I am a part of the course in Coursera, that deals with child nutrition. In one of the forum threads, the person remarked, that the barriers between the children food and the adult food should go down.

It took me awhile, to realize, what she was talking about. The words following that dispelled my first idea, that we could start eating the baby food. But it was rather, that the children food, as defined in the US, is different from the adult food. It is bland, fried, sugary, salty and does not have a large variety of fruits and vegetables.

After incorporating idea, that in some cultures, the children eat different food than their parents, I still couldn't understand the reason. Why would people go through more trouble, just to give their children different food. The food that sound suboptimal.

If children are eating different food than their parents, that means that before every meal, people have to prepare two different types of meal, for themselves, and their little ones. That ends up in more dishes to clean and a waste of time.

I could better understand, if the food would be better, and they wouldn't have the money to feed all of them, but it does not seems to be the case. US is not such a poor country that the low-level of income would have affected the culture awareness of the food.

So what could be the reason? Or just share if it is different in your culture or the same.