Do You Know, What are You Eating?

Think about your eating habits? Just quick one. Now, are you sure, that is what you are really eating? If you are anything like me, then the answer is no.

Recently I noted down what I had eaten for a whole week. Every time I would have eaten something, I took a note of it in my notebook. The results were interesting.

I thought I eat a lot of fruits. In that week, I did not eat even one piece of fruit. In the whole week.

I thought I eat almost no vegetables. I ate a little more than three cups of vegetables per day.

I thought I snack a lot and have three regular meals. Most of the day I had 2 regular meals, and my snacking was a lot more limited (the only exception was, when I made chocolate desserts, then the snacking was on the expected level).

There were a lot more examples of assumptions about my eating habits, that were broken with that simple exercise.

But the exercise was illuminating, and while it would be annoying doing it all the time, doing it once per three months or half a year would be great, to see if I improve or if I am sinking into illness.

What I was actually satisfied about, was that I barely eat anything, that I couldn't name the ingredients from the top of my head. I cooked a lot, and the only ingredients, that had one than one component (no counting salt and water) was Provençal herbs.

But I imagine, that for many people, naming the ingredients, inside the food that they are eating would be problematic. Ingredients inside the yoghurt? It better be the simple one with 3-5 ingredients and not the fruits one, where there are a lot of them.

Or chocolate. I still remember the ingredients list on chocolate, that I had bought, before learning how to make one myself. It was a long list.

But all of that bring even more confusion is what a person actually eats. I eat simple foods, and I had too many assumptions about what was going inside my body.

What about you? What is going inside your body on the regular basis? Do you even know? If you do, please share it with me. I like reading, what other people are eating.