Daydreaming May Be The Most Productive Thing You Can Do

I daydream a lot. It was my escape, when I didn’t want to deal with the others kids in primary school. If they only wanted to make fun of me, why should I spend my valuable time with them?

Right now, I am thankful for them, to introduce me to daydreaming. I might have discovered otherwise as well, but just a possibility of living a life with no daydreaming is horrifying.

I first used daydreaming as an escape from the real world. I didn’t daydream future. I daydreamed about the faraway countries, where I could be the smart and helpful guy, making sure the hero got to their goal alright.

Even when I decided, that the society is not a waste of time, and went over my fear of people, I still continued daydreaming.

Being angry? Go for a walk and daydream. Dealing with the anger, eventually seeing the other person point of view and then went to the other side of the globe. No mental strain, no guiding it. The mind did that by itself, if I just let it wander.

Needing new ideas? The same process. During the walk, as I let the mind wander, the ideas would just pop into my head.

Being stuck on the problem? The same process. I don’t even think about the problem, but most of the time, in the middle of the walk, the thought enters my head. Usually it is possible solution to try. Sometimes I know it is going to work, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I get more than I possible solution.

The article in The Telegraph titled 'Daydreaming really is the key to slowing complex problems' tells us of the research, where they found out, that doing tasks, where you can daydream because of their ease, bust the performance by up to 40%.

The scientist also linked daydreaming while doing mental tasks to be the sign of higher intelligence. The more intelligent people reported more daydreaming while occupied with easy tasks. Their performance didn’t suffer, even if they spent more time in the clouds. You can read more on Mail Online, article titled 'Lost in daydreams'.

I also heard, that people that daydreamed while talking with other people tended to let the people imagine easier, how is like to be in other person’s shoes. They use their imaginative powers and combine it with listening.

I find the daydreaming an integral part of my daily routine. I take the block of time from my day, just to daydream. It helps my mind relax and it keep me more mentally alert, when I return down to Earth. It is a rejuvenating activity for me, with a lot of positive side effects.

I am thankfully, we are also not in the Freud’s times anymore, since he claimed, that daydreaming is one of the early symptoms of the mental illness. Or in 60’, since parents and teachers tried to stop children from daydreaming. They feared the kids will become victims to neurosis and psychosis.

Here you can read The Telegraph's article ‘Daydreaming really is the key to solving complex problem’ and the Mail Online article ‘Lost in daydreams?’.