Cooking Is A Progression

I still remember my first food that I had cooked. It was spaghetti. I put them in the water. Then I watched, trying to figure out, when they are going to be finished.

After more than half an hour, they become black and they were not eatable. I tried to eat them. Not a good taste, you can trust me on that one.

Nowadays, cooking pasta is as easy as walking. I don't even have to think, as I go through the motions.

For me, the cooking represents progression. The food is changing, showing the changes in people.

I used to be a person, who didn't eat almost no vegetables. I lived from fruits, sweets, meat products, bread and side dishes like potato and polenta.

Then for just one month I tried vegetarian lifestyle. All the new food that I had tried. I didn't believe, what I was missing. Not only was there a spinach, but chard, nettle and so on. Peas become a part of my cooking. Also onions.

Or spices. Rosemary, Basil, Thyme, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, lavender, nutmeg, paprika. I can no longer imagine the life before them. I add them to every dish (but not all at the same time).

I like watching people cook. I get so many ideas about what to eat. Trying new things. But apparently the people find it uncomfortable.

On average, a person rotates only up to 12 different foods. They are reluctant to try new ones. And yes, the same food, prepared on different ways is the same food.

Let the food reflect the changes inside of us.

Now the group of foods that I eat the most is green vegetables. Not salad, but chard, spinach, peas, cucumbers and nettle are part of my everyday diet.

And that is coming from a person that didn't eat this more than couple of times a year.

So give me some ideas, what kind of food to introduce next? Or what had you recently tried?