Cleaning As A Way To Beat Procrastination

What do I do, when I have something really uncomfortable to do in front of me, and I do not want to do it? I start procrastinating, since there is always one more interesting thing, that I could do before.

I have written before about the way I use list, to beat procrastination. But sometimes it is not necessary. Sometimes, I only need to create a better environment and get reminded, that the task is not so bad.

So I start cleaning my room (with my working place). I start at the table and clean everything on it, putting back only what I really need. Then I continued with the shelf above it, then bookshelf opposite it,...

...and really quickly I ended up doing the thing, that I procrastinated on before.

I don't know why that happens. It is just, as I am cleaning, I usually get a lot of ideas, how to either make the task more pleasing or simply get more motivated to do it.

I assume, that is has to do with the brain activity. The brain is probably using some other centre while cleaning, that I do not use, in my regular life.

The cleaning does have a lot to do with details. Also, I found out, that the less I think about the implications of cleaning, and just concentrate on the practical side of the things, the better do I advance in my cleaning.

On the other side, my day-to-day thinking tends to be abstract, with questioning the meaning of everything and seeing all the different paths from each decision.

Unlike my other method, it doesn't work every single time, but it does work most of the time. And I don't really waste any time. I know I have to clean my room eventually, so there is nothing wrong in doing some pre-work.

You can find my article on my list method to beat procrastination here: