Classroom Crisis [Fiction]

You are standing in the hall. You can hear the voices. Panicking voices. They are getting louder and louder. Closer and closer. You look on the right, into the classroom. You are on the third floor. The gunshot rings.

You turn and go back to the classroom. You look at the scared faces of all your classmates. The teacher is trying to be brave, but she is shaking. It is barely visible, but she put her hands in front of her. You curse your ability to read body language.

You close the door, as you came and look around. The tables are not rooted in the flour. There are also three cabinets. Filled with study book, maps and a doll for first aid lessons.

You came closer to the cabinets. They are not rooted in the floor either. You try to move them.

"We are going to move the cabinets in front of the door, to barricade ourselves."

Your classmates look at each other, but some of they start to help. More and more people are helping.

The cabinets are really heavy, but you manage to move all three of them in front of the doors. One in front of the locked door, and the two in front of the unlocked door.

The noise does not stop, but while working, you managed to ignore them. Every gunshot you hear could be the loss of somebody's life.

You shut your eyes, as you bit a lip. You want to help, but you don't know how.

There is a tentative hand on your shoulder.

"We are going to be fine, right?"

You turn to see the most popular person in class, the one that never talked to you before, asking you for insurance.

With that words, the gunshot is heard. It was the closest. You realize, that they are shutting at your doors.

"Move as far back as possible."

You all gravitate in one corner. You are the mass of people. The teacher is standing on the front, getting her wits back.

They try to came in the classroom for five minutes. It felt like hours, but you glanced at the clock way too many times.

They move to the next one. You bread the sign of relief, but you try to not make it show.

All the class is getting a little confidence back. But the fight is far from over.

"So, what are we going to do now?"

As your question starts producing the solutions, you start feeling more confident. They will hopefully survive that to live and tale a tale.

The odds are not great, but...