Addiction to Chocolate [Fiction]

She opened the door just a little. She looked around and realized, that nobody was watching her. She tiptoed to the kitchen, and opened the freezer.

She knew what she is going to find there. She really liked the homemade chocolate her mother made.

She did not understand why her mother had banned her from it. She just questioned her teacher. She didn't think, the teacher is going to call home and complained about it. "Disturbing the class," he said.

She started to eat the chocolate, when the light came on. She looked up, caught in the act, with chocolate in her hands.

Her mother looked resigned. "What did I tell you about your punishment, Marina?"

Marina lowered her head. She respected her mother, but she really wanted to eat the chocolate.

"But I don't understand, why I have to be punished," Marina complained to her mother.

Her mother seated next to her and took the piece of chocolate on her hand, eating it. Marina put her piece back.

"I didn't do it, because you questioned the teacher."

Marina looked up, a hope in her face. But also a question. "But why?"

Her mother looked forward, not answering for a moment. Then she looked at her.

"I talked to your doctor today. She told me, that you are getting overweight. Also you seems to not eat balanced food. Too much chocolate."

She paused, but Marina did not take the bait. She didn't comment.

"You need a more balanced diet. Until you doctor said, you are healthy, no more chocolate."

Marina looked down on the plate of chocolate, and she putted.

"But..." she started, but didn't continued.

Her mother took the plate, and put it on the table.

"After we eat this batch, I will stop making chocolate until that goal is reached," her mother declared with a final tone.

Marina did not move. She did feel her mother standing up. She could feel her staring to leave.

"You talk like I am addicted to chocolate."

She looked up and saw her mother pausing, turning to her. She shook her head.

"But you see Marina, you are."

Marina didn't object and her mother made her way to the room.

Only after Marina was sure her mother left, did she take the plate. She took the piece of chocolate, but then she changed her mind. She discarded the chocolate into the trash.

"I am going to show to everybody that I am not addicted."

She told that to the air, but her pose indicated, that she was really stubborn on that part.

She thought she heard the chuckle, but she decided that it must have been her imagination.