Why Did I Stopped Eating Meat

I had written before, how did I stopped eating meat and becoming a vegetarian. But there were a lot of reason, that I at least thought about, when deciding this.

The first reason, why I even thought about trying it, was that most of my social group were vegetarian. My friend was a vegetarian for at least 2 years, before I even thought of trying. It was encouraging knowing, that even if I am going to have problems, my best friend will know, how to help me. I didn’t use any of this help, but it was a good feeling, knowing that I could.

The second reason was, that I was trying to prove to myself and to the people around me that it was possible. Here I am mostly talking about my family. They always taught me, that meat is essential for my health, and we discussed a lot, what kind of meat is healthier. Like horse meat is healthier than chicken.

The third reason was pollution. Meat consumption is the second biggest producer of green house gases on Earth. Also, it is easier to lower the amounts using it, than the electricity, which is the number one producer of the green house gases. I was convinced, I can survive on the diet with no meat, but I am convinced, that living without electricity would be impossible for me.

The fourth reason is health. As written in the book Chinese studies, the consumption of animal based food raises the possibility of getting a disease. Here I am not talking about cold, since I almost never get them, but diseases like diabetes, heart disease and mental diseases connected with age. I do not want to be one of the people in the retirement home, that can’t even go on the toilet by myself and keep forgetting the people around me.

The fifth reason was food experimentation. I like cooking and I like experimenting with food even more. By limiting myself to one type of ingredient less, I had to be more creative with my food. I created a lot of recipe from that one limitation and realized, that I really love mushrooms. I ate them before, but being creative with them showed them in a lot better light. Now I don’t go a week, with no mushrooms.

There are a lot of other reasons to stop eating meat. For example, the sole reason that my friend had was stopping the animal cruelty. He didn’t want to have any part in it. The reasons can be different, but changing our lifestyle, we need the reasons that resonate with us. The above reasons were the one, that made me not give up.

Here is my article about how did I stopped eating meat and becoming a vegetarian.