What Are They Teaching Children?

Recently, I came across an article, that have the pictures of the test taken in one of the American Christian school.

Just reading over the test was a shock to me. I know that Christian school teach religion as well, I am not entirely sure, that religion and science should be mixed.

They are two different disciplines, that see the world through the different lenses. Instead of mixing them, we could let them see the world through both point of you. Even children have the right, to sculpture their own thinking.

But the most shocking questions were on the other side. There were three questions, that made my skin crawl.

Problem question No. 1: Who should we always trust? -God

In science, there is a concept that I really like. It is called scepticism. Nothing is taken at the face value and only after seeing the thing proven, does it become knowledge.

But saying, that a person should always trust a particular source, makes person much more easily to manipulate. After all, the people involved in the Third reich trusted Hitler, as he started genocide on the Jews. The people that did the christianization believed in God, thinking that they are helping the uneducated people see the light, while destroying their culture. The people trusted Miloshevi?, and made the Balkan a war zone, also with genocides.

There are many more examples throughout the history, where feith with no questioning lead to the deaths of people.

Not only that, I was speaking recently about a christian woman, and she told me, that the bible is not a set of rules, but it teaches the spirit. The reason for that is, that the bible contradict itself. Nobody is capable of living by the word of the bible, but they are tying to strive to live in the spirit of the bible.

But if the god is always to be trusted, that means also living by the word of the bible, which is not only impossible, but also limits a person in their own choices.

Problem question No. 2: What is the ‘History Book of the Universe’? -Bible

It is true, that the history was largely written by only the victorious, but that doesn’t mean, that we should not look at all the angles. The same historical happening can be described differently by different people looking from different angles.

Lets take the bombing of Hiroshima in 1945. For the Americans in that time, throwing a bomb, to force a surrender was the way with the least people death. The war on the Pacifics between the Japanese and USA was bloody, where they would fight for every square meter.

The bombs were a way, to stop the fighting, potentially saving thousands of American lives. For them it was ethical.

But at the time, nobody knew the long term effects of the nuclear bomb. The people that suffered the most were Japanese. If they didn’t day in the bombing or days after it, they could still suffer the wounds. The wounds, that made them amputate arms or legs. Or they went blind. Even escaping that, the possibility, that cancer related disease will hit them later in life increased a lot.

Seeing only one part of the story gives us an incomplete picture. That is way, there is never a single view, that is the most correct.

But here the kids are thought, to accept the one book as the real message, and are going to start disregarding anything, that point in the other direction. For proof, read the story of a father, on above page.

Problem question No. 3: Next time somebody said that the Earth is billions (or millions) of years old, what can you say? -Were you there?

We are back to the question of free choice. Teaching children not only not to listen, but ways to make sure they will not listen is bad. Listening is how problems get solved and how we get to see others points of view. Where the learning gets done.

But what they are teaching them here is to disregard everything, that it doesn’t comply with the teaching there.

It is why Galileo Galilei suffered the trial and the home imprisoned, simply for saying that the Earth goes around the sun. He was forced to deny his claims.

But if all the people acted like that, we would still be thinking, that the Earth is flat and the sun goes around Earth. The questioning of the order is what keeps us growing and advancing.

Limiting one's mind, especially in the young age, will have a negative effect on the future of society. I don’t mind people teaching the through the point of view of the religion, but don’t force them into sheeps. The people need to learn to think for themselves. We should strive for that goal, instead of making people defencive and unwilling to learn and adapt.

You can see the pictures and an article here.