We live in a world of assumptions

Every day, we live according to our assumptions. The causes and effects, that we think are universal. But usually, they are nothing more than a product of the culture we live in.

Today, I went to pay the bill. I got a slip and went to pay.

Usually, I pay at the post office. That is because, this is a cheapest way to pay in Slovenia, the country I am coming from (for people like me with no online banking).

But moving to a new country, I still had that assumption. And it was wrong. If I understood the nice lady correctly (my German skills are horrible), I needed a bank account.

Something quite surprising for me, when I had been paying bill for years with no bank account.

But then I remembered the time at Slovenian bank. The two foreign woman came to the counter. The lady there was nice and they seemed happy with the service. Then they requested to meet their boss. The worker become nervous and when the boss came, he had the defensive stance. They both expected to hear the criticism. But when they started to express their gratitude at good service, they were both taken aback.

There is also the difference between the European doctors and the Chinese doctors. In Europe we pay the doctor to heal us, when we are sick. In China, at least it used to be like that, people pay the doctors, to keep them healthy. If they get sick, that same doctor heals them for free.

Or the difference between the street system in Slovenia and block system in Japan.

In Slovenia, we say, that we live in street that and that. The places between streets do not have a name. But Japanese have it a different way around. They have blocks with houses, and the streets have no names.

That experience was a good wake up call. I do not know, how many more assumptions do I have.

But that is what makes learning different cultures and living in different countries that much more fun.

I wonder, what will me my next assumptions, that will get busted?

Thinking on the bigger scale, what assumptions do we have about important things in life? Health? Money? Relationships? Or about something else.