Recipe: Cooked Potato a la Rozali - Take 1

Recently I have seen my flatmate from France making potatoes with onions and chicken. I am vegetarian, so I wasn't really interesting in the chicken. But the smell was divine. It was so strong, that it got me from writing and I had to eat something as well.

She made the potatoes and onions in the pan with salt and pepper, making it slowly.

I don't have a pan, I so far only acquired a pot, but I thought, I could try to replicate her results.

I started by dicing a small onion (it was a young one) and two potatoes (one was middle and one was big sized).

So I put the oil in the pan and started to fry the diced onion on it, adding the potato, also diced on small cubes.

But my pot was getting burned, so in order to preserve, I added about a liter of water, to start cooking.

I waited for the water to boil and then ended up cooking, until I could easily used the spatula to divide the cube of potato in two parts.

I used the strainer to get rid of the water (that looked horrible) and washed the pot.

Then I added oil to the pot, waiting until it become hot.

I added the potato onion mix in it and started to mix. I also added the Provansal spices to it (I think it contains rosemary, basil, timian and a couple of other ones).

After a short while, I put it on the plate.

I have to say, that I tasted better, than I feared. It was really tasty, but I missed the stronger taste of onion. I could barely taste it.

For the next time, I am going to dice the onion in smaller pieces and only put the half on it to cook. I will started with boiling and the with frying (with no frying on the beginning).

I will add the second half of onion to frying phase, to make the taste stronger.