Really Short Guide To Tea Making

There are a lots of different kind of tea. Green, white, fruity, black and many more.

But not all types of tea are prepared the same. Green tea prepared like the herbal one will be none drinkable.

Lets start with blacks teas. These kinds of tea are stronger in caffeine, also in taste.

The black tea is usually prepared with boiled water. Let it steep for about three minutes. The aromatical kind sometimes need more time, to develop aromas.

Red tea, still strong in aromas, since it is fermented as well, but have a different taste.

Usually made in almost boiled water, temperature around 90-95 degrees celsius, in some cases, even the boiling water can be used. Tea also steps for about 3 minutes.

Green tea is easier on the taste, and even the color is lighter looking. Usually yellow or green.

The green tea is made by temperature of around 80 degrees celsius. Stepping for around 3 minutes.

White tea the softest tea, that I had ever drunk.

The white tea is prepared similar to the green one. The temperature is a little lower than 80 degrees celsius and steppes around 2 minutes.

Herbal tea, not really a tea in the name. Instead of being made from tea plant, it is made from different herbs. Like basil, menthol, timian and similar.

The herbal teas are always made with boiling water. But they have a longer steeping time. From 5 to even above 10 minutes, depending on the type of herbs.

The last are fruity teas. Tea made from different kind of fruits.

There are two ways to make the tea, depending on how it was preserved.

One way is to put the tea fruit in the pot of cold water and boiled it.

The other way is to pour boiled water over it and let it stepp. The stepping time is between 10-30 minutes for unprocessed types and 5-15 minutes for processed ones.