Plant Based Food Better For A Planet Than Meat Based One

Right now, the second biggest producer of the warming gases is animal production. Bigger than transportation, but still smaller than energy production. The animal industry releases into the air 14% of all greenhouse gasses, where methane is the most frequent one.

Methane is also having a stronger effect on the global warming than the CO2.

But while energy production goes to greener and greener processes, the same can not be said for the animal industry. After all, it is hard, for the animals to stop farting or belching.

For example, a single cow can produce more than 100 liters of greenhouse gasses in a day.

Farting and belching is connected to food ingestions. The cows eat the plant food, which is then digested by bacteria. The by-product of this process is methane, but it also gives nutrition to cows, as they digest the mass of the bacteria.

If we gave cows their natural food, there might be a chance, that the production of the methane would lower. But this day, the cows are mostly feed the soy, cord and similar food, instead of the grass. A little over a decade ago, they were feed themselves, what lead to the diseased cows.

But feeding more than 1.5 billion cows with a grass would be problematic. The land, that would have to be used to feed all these cows would have put a too big of a dent into our living spaces and space for food.

But the number of animal industry will not go down, as long as people eat meat.

An average american eats a little more than 120 kg of meat per year. An Europeans aren’t a lot better, since one European country actually beats USA. Luksemburg is the country with biggest meat consumption per person with a little more than 135 kg of meat per year. But most of the EU countries consume around 70 kg of meat per person per year, which is almost half at that of America or Luksemburg.

The supply is always depended on the demand. If the demand is smaller, less suppliers are willing to go to the market and vice versa. So, as long as we, as people are going to be eating so much meat, that long we will have that much animals as part of the animal industry and get a global warming from animal as a side product, we can’t refuse.

So I think, the plant based food could save our planet. The problem here is, will it?