Not Getting The Food I Want

After moving to Germany, I might have overestimated the impact on some of the aspects of my lifestyle, but underestimated in the others.

One part, where I underestimated my impact was food.

The first thing I noticed was, that there are a lot more shops in Leipzig, than I have even imagined. It can probably compare the the Ljubljana's shop center BTC. Later I did realize, that this is a shopping center as well, but overall the number of shops in Leipzig is still bigger than in Ljubljana.

Linking food, that was one of the first things, that I checked out. Going to multiply shops, just to see, what they have.

I was surprised at some of the different thing that they got.

For example tea. I was in a dream land. I could never imagine some many different types of tea on the same place. There were at least three meter of aile reserved for tee. They had almost all of my favorite teas (except one, but then Ljubljana doesn't have it either).

I was also surprised by the aisles of prepared food. There must have been packages of foot, that can be made in minutes. Especially potato food. I had never seen a premade potato puree before.

But there were some thing, that I was not so pleasant about.

The first one is the quality of fruit. No matter in which store did I go, the quality of food is lower than I am used to. I tried bananas, apples, grapefruit, oranges and lemons. While the prices are higher. And while every store have a fruit and vegetables, not every store have in stock some of what I would consider basic (like garlic).

The second was flour. In Slovenia, I regularly used at least 5 types of different flour, sometimes mixing in others as well. But here, the only two types that I could find were normal white flour and non-gluten flour (with gumi).

Most of the spices were there, but some of my favorite I am still looking for (like cayenne pepper).

But, I am not familiar with the city yet, and there might be stores with bigger assortment of goods somewhere. I was just used to having it in front of my nose, and it was one thing, I underestimated.

The lesson leraned: Never forget about the food.