My Morning Tea Ritual

I have discovered, people don’t tend to have a lot of time in the morning.

Just like I used to, a lot of people wake up at the latest possible moment, and then try to get ready as quick as possible. Forgetting the things, they should bring with them. Starting the day nervous. Speeding from the first moment of the day.

As I said, I used to be like that. I woke up 10 minutes, before the bus came, witch give me 5 minutes to get ready, if I walked to the station, and 8 minutes if I runned. I become the master of doing all the washing and dressing up in as little as 2 minutes. But at the same time, I usually forgot some things, that would have been helpful latter, if I just had them with me.

Then the last summer, I decided (after reading a lot about the effects on the productivity), that I am going to become an early riser. I woke up at 5 o’clock every day.

It didn’t have the expected effect on my productivity (possibly because the vacations made me lazy), but I did get into the habit of walking every morning, after waking up.

Walking around in the morning, when everybody is still sleeping is really peaceful. Even if some of the effect was because of the scenery, since the see is beautiful in the morning, that was not all. I had the time to think and to structure my thought, before doing anything.

I immediately saw the contrast, and I started to realize, that I would like to have morning like that all the time. Instead of the hurried ones from before.

But the 3 months long summer vacation had passed. I returned back home, and back to my previous lifestyle.

Being awake sometimes until 5 o’clock in the morning, I could wake up that early. But I realized, that I only needed the mindset, not the time.

Here comes the tea. I am usually calm, when I drink the time. It takes the time to prepare tea: to boil water, steep the tea and drink it. Drinking is slow, because nobody liked burned throat.

I modified it a little, and it became my morning ritual.

When I am preparing tea, I am not allowed to worry or be nervous. I can collect my thought and ideas and note them down, but not act on them, until I finish the tea. I try to forget everything, as I slowly drink my tea.

Writing down, and then forgetting it for a little while did make me more productive. Even idea for this column came at that time (and the first draft was written on paper as soon as I finished). I tend to do more, when I take the time for tea in the morning, as opposed to when I don’t. And I almost never leave the apartment forgetting things anymore.

Now I only need to make it an everyday habit.