Meanings of Libraries

Library. The place of fun and learning. Where books with tons of knowledge are stored and where countless different words are hidden.

But is that all, that the library is?

For me library always was a place of contentment. The place, where I could feel is a home away from home.

If I wanted a company, there were always some sort of activity going there. Or the nice librarians would be available for talk.

I participated in a lit if gathering. We had a fiction writing group. Travel presentations. Story readings. Personal development meetups. Computer related activities and many more.

Everybody was always ready to talk (alright almost always), so you could came to the people and just start a conversation, if so desired.

If I wanted to lose myself in the world of fantasy, fighting with a vampire or making friends with trolls, there were always some comfy chairs.

There were book to learn from. If there was a subject, that the library didn't have books on, there was free internet or interlibrary exchange from all over the country.

Maybe because of these reasons, that I usually go to the smaller libraries.

Even after enrolling in the university almost nothing changed. The library simply become the place for group studying as well.

They were always the places of noise, people and ideas. Like home.

But then I changed universities. I quickly noticed, that the library there, on campus, have 5 flours. That was the most flours in the library, that I had seen before.

So I enter, and while it was a little more silence, that I was used to, it was nice. So I decided to checked other flours.

For the first time in my life, pressure had hit me. There were rolls after rolls of people, all quiet. Not a sound. They were all reading or doing something on the computer.

I was afraid, that I am making to much noise by simply walking. I was afraid to even breath aloud. And I left it as soon as possible (but I did see some of really interesting book on the way).

Thinking now, I understand that their vision of what a library is, doesn't converge to mine.

For them, instead if a place like home is a house of knowledge. A place of learning and studying.

Their vision might even be more original one. The libraries were in the ancient times a storage of knowledge.

Because, library on the end, is just a place with book. Any feeling or meaning we give it, is just our own.

On the end, we need both kinds. The place for learning and the place for meeting.