Language Learning Recommendation: Lang8

Language learning consist of four different disciplines, that needed to be learned in order to become fluent in the language. They are reading, listening, speaking and writing.

In order to become better at writing, we need to write in the language as much as possible. At the same time, there has to be some feedback, in order for the improvement to be more rapid.

This is where this website comes in. Lang8 is a site, which purpose is, to create an environment, for the people to practice writing.

The free version allows you to study up to two languages, but for the payment of 63$ per year, a person can study an unlimited amount of languages.

But every language is available, as long as it has native speakers. Even if it doesn’t, there might be still a way, to use this site.

Here is how it works. First, you write a so called journal in the language you are studying. They you can add the translation into you mother language if you wish. Then you correct some entries in your language, if there are any uncorrected.

You can write anything, from using it as a diary, to show pictures, series, book, famous people and short stories. They ask you, to try and not offend anybody, that is why the topics of disputes between country, religion and politics are discouraged, but some people still write about them. I remember the entertaining journal about the christianity in somebody's family.

The addition of the translation in the mother language is not necessary. But it can help clear misunderstanding, when people are correcting your journal. If the person, that is correcting your journal knows the language. Or other people, who study your mother language can use it in their studies.

That is the best part of the Lang8. There is no need to find a person, that knows the language you are studying and is learning the language you know. Here you are correcting the journals in the languages, that you know. The native speakers in the language you are learning are going to correct your journal.

That is why, with this site, you can learn the language as long as it has native speakers of it. If the language is already dead, you might still be able to find somebody, that know the language on better level than you, who can correct you journals. Or just write the journals for practice.

The third part is correcting the journals in your mother language. The whole site is build on the principle of giving and taking. That is why they recently introduced L points, which you get for correcting the journals. The premium users also have priority in listing, but you can choose yourself, what journal to correct.

You can also friend the people, send the a private message and join or create groups.

The only way to get better in the language is to use it. This site in the best I found so far as to use the writing skills in the foreign language. Just log in every day, and write something. Just that simple habit is going to improve your writing.

Here is the ling to go to Lang8 website.