Is It Wrong To Be Negative?

Lets be positive. Think positively. Have happy thoughts. And a lot of different variation on the same theme. I don't know about you, but I have been hearing messages like that for years.

Every time, I tell people, I expect the worst from the situation, I hear it. You have to be more positive.

Just like yesterday, when I told a friend, that, she had the same answer. Or hearing I am to critical. I am cynical. Or anything similar, that people just not want to see in people.

But is it really bad to be negative? Not expecting the universe to move on our command and brings us everything on the silver platter.

But what I think is the problem here is, that people, in order to simplify the solutions, the make two problems into one. Since simple solutions are replicated on a wider audience and are easier to understand and usually easier to implement.

The first aspect is mindset. The way people think. What they expect. The second is action. How people act.

I have asked a couple of people. Everybody answered me, that positive people take action and negative people only criticise. Not doing anything constructive.

Not having a large pool of people, the findings aren't scientifically, but the possible trend did emerge. People think of this two problems as one.

I have a negative mindset, but most people meeting me would not have guessed it. Because I violate their expectations. I expect the worst, have doubts all the time, finding faults in everything. Does that mean, I don't try new things and don't have a smile on my face?

The answer is no. I try a lot of new things. I find them interesting. But like with everything, I expect to fall. To make mistakes.

So what happens, when I do fall? Nothing. I expected it, so all the fear and nervousness disappear. Not hard feeling. Lets try it again. Or something else.

But if I succeed? I am pleasantly surprised, since the results were better than expected. I feel like the happy hormones had rushed into my brain.

But this combination, negative mindset and action oriented personality have one drawback. Waiting. When I have to wait for something, the gear and the nervousness sometimes makes me unable to eat. And I imagine all sorts of different negative scenarios. That are getting worse, the longer I wait.

Not everybody should change their mindset to negative. But it is not wrong to have a negative mindset, if that is your predisposition. As long as it is not an excuse.