Hanlon's Razor in Relationships

Hanlon's razor is a rule, that deals with the reasons behind the malicious acts. It goes like this: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”.

That means, that every time, somebody does something unwanted to you, you can try applying this rule. If that thing can be attributed to either stupidity or lack of knowledge, than it was not done with the evil intention.

One example of that would be, when the person orders you a really tasty pancakes, when he or she doesn’t know, that you have gluten intolerance. It that case, the lack of knowledge is the thing, that is behind that actions, not an intent to make you sick or kill you.

The other example would be, when you best friend introduces you to that person, that will be just perfect for you. But on the end, it turns out that you hate each others guts. That you have no similar points and can’t stand to be in the same room for more than a minute.

Even in this case, the stupidity was the thing that was behind it, not evil intention. The person can predict what kind of connection the 2 people are going to have.

Or the person, that is asking you for help, not knowing, that you have a countless projects to finish and you are not be able to help. Or even worse, they tell you they can’t really help you, just when you would need their help the most.

They can’t see into your head so their lack of knowledge can make them seem unreasonable or even malicious.

Or when you best friend starts dating the guy, you were secretly in love with. But that is just the word. Secretary. The lack of knowledge instead of having any evil intentions.

There is also that person, that was really rude to you, even when you were about to offer you help. The same thing.

That person, that ignored you on the last party, when you really wanted to speak to him or her. The same.

On the end, most of our conflict came from not communicate to each other and applying the evil characteristic to the people around us.

From now one, when a person does something evil-seeming, try to apply the rule. If it could happened because of the lack of knowledge, then assume it happened because of that. Only assume malicious intention, if you are absolutely sure it wasn’t because of the lack of knowledge or stupidity.