Getting Into New Situation Unprepared

Is it really bad to go into new situations unprepared?

I had recently started study exchange. More accurately, I write that from the room inside the student hall, but I had not been enrolled yet. That is for tomorrow.

As I am waiting for tomorrow, I am nervous, but then I asked myself, of what really?

I came a couple of days earlier, even though I was only guarantied the room from today. But that didn't mean, I wasn't able to get in earlier. I probably made people do a couple of phone calls more than necessary, but then, the person in front of me was smiling and was extremely nice, so I didn't have that much of a bad feeling. If I was really annoying them, they should let me know.

I knew that I will have to pay on the spot, and I have to say I miscalculated. I brought too little mo money in cash to pay. But luckily, the counter for paying was in the other room, so I could go and withdraw the missing part, after seeing the end price.

The lady in the office was nice and she explained to me, were I was supposed to go. But I would have still gotten lost if not for the two students. They say me with the flier and offered to help. I hope I thanked them for it. I was so tired, that I don't remember.

They were even so nice, to call to me, even when I managed to get lost, just following them. Then the hall master wasn't there. One of the two called him for me, since I didn't have a German phone number yet (I didn't have any number would be more correct). She even offered to let me stay in her room.

Even though it was not even an opening hours, I got the key and signed everything I had to. Even the hall master was nice, like everybody else (I later realized that he wasn't even a real hall master).

So I got the room and I could relax and take a shower and went to sleep.

So while I was waiting for tomorrow, that got me thinking. If there was so many people, that didn't look like they were annoyed at me for my unpreparedness, should I really be nervous? What is really the worst that could happened? Not in the whole city get submerged worst, but can a situation really get that much worse, if I don't prepare for it? Or more correct question, what are the odds of that worst thing happening?

Very small odds. But I will still be nervous and maybe it will even become the next story, to tell in the pub.

But I know, that someday, I will get burned. I will be embarrassed and maybe I will even get hurt because of it. But that day had yet to come.

So stop being afraid and just do it. Just like I try to do.