Does It Matter How We Are Buried After Death?

There are 7 billion people in the Earth now, and all of them are going to die in the next 100 years. This is going to pose a problem in the future.

There are two usual ways to deal with the body after death. One is cremation. The other is burial of the whole body. But there are problems with both of them.

Cremation burns the body, releasing all the toxins, that we have accumulated in our body. That makes the quality of air a lot lower, making the lives of the living being worse. The pollution in the air is even force, if additional chemicals are used, to preserve a body and make it look normal for the mourning period.

The problem with normal burial is the space. Where do we have the space, to bury more than 7 billion people? If each person needs only 2 m2, that means 14 000 km2 of space. There are 89 countries on the world, that are smaller than that. Not only that, between the burial spaces, there have to be paths as well. Not to mention, that people are getting born every minute, increasing the number of the people, that will eventually die.

With more and more people on Earth, it is going to become a huge problem. One will will need to solve.

But is it really important, how we are buried?

In my opinion it isn’t. After I die, I know that I don’t care, what happens to my body. You can use my bones to play music for all I care.

I don’t care how my body is used. If it can save somebody’s life, if it can help science, if it is going to pollute the air. I will have no word in it. I am going to be gone, either forever or to the other world.

Egyptians used to believe, that the soul, that left the body at death is one day going to return to the body. That is way, they tried to preserve the body the best way they knew how.

But returning to the dried out body is probably going to be disturbing. An experience, I would not want to live through. If not preserving a body will make me unable to return to it, than I am completely for not preserving a body. The people have to move forward and grow or they disappear. Returning to the body would be regressing.

There is also the notion in Christianity, that the body should be buried on the holy soil. That is the reason, that they didn’t allow the sinners to be buried at the church.

But I don’t think the god, if it even exist, cares about where are shells are buried. He wants faith and belief, not our bodies. For what other reason is the soul immortal and the body not.

Even if they will come back in the end, as promised in the bible, I highly doubt most people will be happy, to return to their bodies, as they left them behind. By that time, most of the bodies will be only bone left.

There will be a lot of skeletons.

So I don’t really think it matters, how will we be buried after death. We will be gone or moved away from it, and hopefully never to return it.