Do INTP Types Need Work-Life Balance?

Work-life balance refers to the balance of the work and the pleasure time. How to connect the working in the job and the other parts of our life.

It seems to me, that this is one of the hip words. That everybody is using. Talking about how people need balance in their life and that they can’t let the work consume and stress them.

But is work really that stressful?

I am an INTP type. I definitely have a strong Ti (Introverted thinking) and Ne (Extroverted Intuition). Since I am a lot more introverted person than extroverted, that makes me INTP type.

I do not have a regular job yet, but I do help with a family business. What I figured it out, that I actually do not mind working long hours, as long as I don’t have to deal with people.

I can work for hours on trying to optimize the IT infrastructure in the company, programing a website, working on a CRM system, translating or being in charge of declarations - including popping them on the products.

When the work was at least a little challenging, that made it actually fun. When I had to program a website for a promotional game, it was really fun. I sometimes worked on it for 8 hours straight, and then wondered, why the time had just flown away.

I can also spend hours, in the storeroom and just lose myself inside my head, as I do mental work.

But what I really didn’t like, when the company tried a calling promotion. In about 20 minutes, I was so frustrated, I couldn't do it anymore. After calling 5 different people, with 3 actually answering, my brain started to overanalyze everything and that was the end of it.

Similarly, if I get interrupted during work, that the possibility of being prepared to do something else lowered. If I am doing something, then I would like to finish it first. For that 2 reasons exist. One is, that if I walk away, than the possibility of finishing something gets considerably lower. The second one is simply, that I don’t like getting interrupted, when I am concentrated on the task. It breaks my metal process.

It did happened before, that I missed the appointment, because I was so deep in the work, that I forgot about the time. I don’t even feel bad for most of it. It is a part of who I am and the people around me either accepted that or faded away.

I do think, that there had to be some other activity, that drives us, especially to use our Ne as well. But I don’t think INTPs can get stressed out by not being able to disconnect. Or getting stress related diseases. As long as we have the jobs, that we can enjoy.

So do we need a work-life balance? Yes, just not in the way it is presented. More like, we need it to keep balanced, not to not get stresses. We also do not need the structure our day around this concept.