Can You Hear the Birds?

That habit of mine started years ago. I have read somewhere, that in order to hear the birds, a person have to be completely relaxed. Calm to the extremes.

I couldn't understand that at the time. Birds near mine home, were always loud in the mornings. If I didn't woke up in time, they would awake me. But at other times, I simply didn’t hear them.

That meant, that I didn’t know it the author was lying, since I couldn’t hear them or I simply wasn’t as relaxed as I thought.

So I made that my goal. I will be able to hear the birds all the time. I would remember at most random moments and try to listen for their song.

Discounting the times, when I was inside the building, and the closed windows prevented me from hearing them, it was a partial success. I was be able to hear them most of the time, but not all the time.

Eventually I stopped and I forgot about the challenge for years.

But sometimes, in the most random moments, the voice of the birds would penetrated my existence. Sometimes it sounded like one bird, and sometimes it was really loud. So loud, I started to wonder, why more people are not bothered by it. Just walking around, like the birds aren’t making a row.

I also don’t think, that they ever stop. I was walking around Berlin in 4 o’clock in the morning and I could hear them loud and clear. When I go to sleep, I can hear them through my window, be it an early evening or after midnight. I can hear them when I wake up. I can hear them when thinking about, what to eat for lunch, when going home. I can hear them when leaving for my evenings.

All of that without even trying. I don’t try to listen to them anymore. Their song invites itself through my ears and calms me down even further.

While writing this, I can hear them, as I am watching over the river, sitting on the bench.

Nowadays I agree with the author. My life is becoming more relaxed every year and every year, I am be able to enjoy the small miracles like that more and more. So try it next time you are outside. Can you hear the birds? If you can’t, ask yourself, what is worrying you.