Can Local Distance Help With Habits

I recently moved to a new country. Germany, to be exact. New city, new language and new people. Bringing forth a lot of new ideas.

But after moving here, I figured it out, that habits could get messed up with the move. But only some of them.

For example, the negative habit that did get stopped was eating. I couldn't get myself to stop eat, when I was at home. If I didn't go into the kitchen every hour, to eat something, I didn't feel so good.

But now, I suddenly realize, that I eat to little. I can eat a breakfast, and then forget until diner to eat something. It doesn't even affect my mood. Now I have to remind myself, to eat. I also experienced hunger for what feels like years. The first time it was a fantastic feeling.

That also got me rid of my biggest food addiction, that I had at home. Chocolate. I become nervous at home, if I didn't get any chocolate. Now, I can go a week with no chocolate, no problems.

But some of the good habits had gotten away as well. Like my habit, to drink at least 3 litters of water per day. Now I sometimes forget to drink a glass a day.

But some habits only get a minor bust.

I used to spend a lot of time on the internet, mostly reading. But just changing the environment, I can go a day or two with no internet and don't feel the need to connect. After two days, I do start to wonder. What did I get for mail? Did I miss anything?

Some habits do stay, no matter the city.

Since it is a new city, all the people here are new. Give it a new language as wee (one I am not fluent with), and meeting people becomes harder again. But this is one habit, to say hallo to new people, that I managed to bring here as well.

One of the negative habits, that came with me are my sleeping arraignments. I had problems waking up at home, and here it is not any easier. I still ignore my alarm clock.

So, enjoyment can be a good or a bad variable in making a new habits and keeping old ones. But if you have problems with a particular habit, than maybe changing a location, at least temporarily, can help. But it is not a sure way. Just to think about it.