Ark of Freedom [Fiction]

The water was rising. Most of the houses had sunk under the water. Just some of the higher ones, still had their roofs above it. The last trees were were starting to fall by the pressure of the water. There were 500 years old sekvoia among them as well.

The flood had came quietly in the dawn of a new day, surprising the people in the neighborhood. The lucky ones did not wake up, before their lungs collapsed from too much water. The unlucky ones had their senses when it happened.

There was just a lonely pair of people, two women, sitting on the roof, looking at the water, that claimed the land. They didn't dare to look at eachother. Did not want to lose or take the hope away yet.

"I wonder, when the rescue is going to come."

The other woman didn't answer. She just continued to look at the raising water. She calculated in her head. They had less than an hour to live.


The questioning voice next to her pulled her away from her thoughts. She remembered the question.

"I don't know, Nika. The closest city is miles away."

She leaned back, and Nika looked at her with pensive face. She joined her as well, looking at the clouds, that weren't there.

"We used to do this all the time, when we were little. Looking at the sky, searching for clouds, that had a magical ark on them."

Tina nodded, as she looked up. There it was a small cloud, that was drifting in the sky. If she squinted her eyes, she could almost see an ark on it.

"That one it looks like an ark, doesn't it?"

Nika grabbed Tina's hand, and look at her, but Tina still refuses to look at her.

The cloud stopped. It almost looked like it wanted to came here, but it hesitated. It was stoped by something.

"There is no ark for me anymore."

Nika shook her head, knowing that even when not looking, Tina could still see her.

"You did what you thought was right."

Tina's almost jumped up, as she looked at her tears striped face. It was barely noticeable, but she know her for too long, to stay hidden. Nika slowly followed her.

"Than you know what I have to do."

Nika shook her head again. Her grip had become stronger, as she bit her lip.

"There is no ark for me without you."

Tina smiled. She raised their connected hands, and kissed it. She slowly added the other hand as well.

"What am I supposed to do without you."

"Live your life?"

The tone was questioning, but they both knew, that it was not a question but a request. She slowly moved her hand away, and relaxed her other hand. She looked at Nika's face, as she wiped away the tears on her cheeks.

"My story had finished. Now you have to write yours."

Nika released her hand and Tina give her a smile. She leaned forward and kissed her forehead.

"Make sure to not repeat my mistakes."

She waited for a small nod of confirmation, before standing up. She looked at the water. She smiled, as she looked back.

"Wish me luck."

The last thing she heard was a scream of her name.