Are Extraverted People Really Good In Sales?

I have come across new research from Adam Grant in the University in Pennsylvania. He wanted to explain, why the correlation between extraversion on sales success is almost zero. Meaning, why extraversion have no effect on the sales success.

It is interesting, because most people imagine a sales representative as a highly extraverted people. After all, people need to have the extraversion to start selling to others.

That does not mean, that introverted people are better off. According to Grant’s research, introverted people tend to be even worse off than extraverted people.

So how is left? Actually, the more person is extremely introverted or extremely extroverted, the worse off they are.

On the middle of them are ambiverts. They are the group, that are not even highly extraverted, neither highly introverted. The people in between. That can act in the both directions.

And these people are the best salesmen and saleswomen. The more people were ambiverts, the better seller they were and the more profit they brought to the company. They on average made 25% more sales than extraverts. The middle ambiverts, the ones really in the middle of extraverts and introverts made on average 66% more than highly extraverted people and 73% more than highly introverted people.

But what could be the reason for them to be so much better?

One reason could be, that introverted people aren’t really aggressive enough and only the people that really want to buy something will buy it. They are a lot less successful in convincing people. But they made the good listeners and they can be better in really making a costumer special and happy, making a better chance of them buying again. They can also use that ability to really sell, what the customer needs.

On the other hand, extraverts can be a little too aggressive, but they can make other people excited. They are good at explaining and they project more sincere picture to most people. But they are not really that good at listening and they can lose an opportunity, to make even better offer or figuring out, if a customer have any other problems.

Ambiverts do not lean on any of the above extremes. They can be encouraging and aggressive, when needed, but they can also sit back and just listen to the customer. They actually get the best of both worlds.

And I think that is why, his research proved, that ambriverts are the best sellers.