Do We Concentrate On Our MBTI Strengths Or Weaknesses

I have recently started to get interested in the personality types, and the subject, that got me most interested was MBTI personality types.

MBTI (or for the one not aware, Myers-Briggs Indicator) is a instrument that drives people into 16 groups based on the Jung's personality functions. They are divided into two groups, the group that is about, how we accept information and the second group, about how me make decisions.

As I began reading more literature about personality, there is always some underlying assumption, that we should try to control our personality traits. While the original literature tries to make us see, that we are different, and that does not mean, that some of us are better or worse, quite some of the literature, that is trying to help us reach goals or become a better person, to go against our nature.

One of the examples that I have encountered recently is, that is being the employee, we, as in the people being T type of making decision, should make sure, that we take other people into account and make sure they feel competent or overall good.

What I see wrong with that example, is that I think that while discussing something, or evaluating somebody, the truth always take precedence before peoples feelings. I always prefer to hear that I am a complete shit at something and I should have seen the psychiatrist about my mental problems, that people trying to apply to my so called "emotional" side, and downplay my mistakes. So, while not believing in god, I do agree with one of the Jesus' sayings: "Do what you want to be done to you".

There was also a discussion in out Toastmasters meeting about this subject. That harsh criticism will only hurt the person, and the person will bub into himself and not get anything positive from the evaluation. That is why, everybody should always use the sandwich technique for giving evaluation, and only express one negative thing per evaluation.

But when I am giving the evaluation, the times when I was most thanked for it, was the time when I give really thoughtful evaluation, and point out everything that was either bad, average or good. I once make a really negative evaluation of the speech, and the person thanked me for it, saying that he needs, in his words: "a really wanking in the head".

So as I had been given different signals for similar channels, about what is supposed to be right. But then two things made my mind clear on the subject.

First was the internet conversation on forum, when somebody wrote, that one of the best things in the relationship between INTP and INTJ people was that they could skip the pumping of the ego and go straight on the negative opints.

The second was a conversation about sincerity, that I had with my family, regarding the NLP and politics. It went in the direction, that you can't manipulate somebody by knowing NLP, since people in subconsciousness know, what is playing and what is sincere. The example gives was our current President, Borut Pahor, and how he got most political points in the eyes of the people, when he was driven into a corner and stopped acting.

I think that we should be playing at our strengths, and not our weaknesses. That meaning, in the above example, that the T type of the personality would stick to logical and direct approach and the F type personality can stick to trying to make everybody work together and not offending anybody. Since we will be playing at our strengths and not out not prefered way, we are going to be better in it and we are going to be more sincere.

As the added effect, saying the truth is also good for health. So do not be afraid to be who you are.