Dance With Me For Saving Me [Fiction]

The ballroom of the last school dance this year was full. Packed with almost every student, enrolled in it. The music was mixed, trying to please everyone, the students and the teachers. The tables were mostly empty, all the mass moved to the dance floor, at the quick beats of rock.

Marina was not among them. She was looking around the tables, glancing at every chair, her eyes looking at the people, seeking. She nibbled at her lips, as she moved around the ballroom. Then the smile appeared on her face, her habit forgotten. She found him.

John was sitting at the corner of the room, his fingers flying at the keyboard on his mobile phone. His eyes were intense, as the glow lighten his face, making his gray eyes even more like the moon. The plugs in his ears help him concentrate.

He stopped for a second, the smile appearing on his face, the eyes glowing. The mobile phone found his way to the able.

That was the moment, that Marina's hand found his shoulder. It was just a light tap to get his attention.

John twitched, stopping himself from showing anything more. His breath quickened for a moment. He looked up, his eyes wide just a second ago, now narrowed.

She stepped back, but her smile quickly found the way back to her face.

She pointed to her ears, then at the closest speaker, and then at the exit. She then turned around, but looked back at him, waiting.

He nodded, and slowly stood up, his phone finding his place inside his jacket, as he followed her outside, away from everybody.

Near the building, there was a small park. It was early in the night, but the stars were already plenty, illuminating the sky along with the moon. She stopped at the small fountain, and turned to him, just at the last chords of the rock song were heard at the air.

Removing his earplugs, John stood with the arms at the pocket of his jeans, eyes looking at her. His pose was firm, his legs keeping him balanced, but his pose was stiff.

" What do you want?"

The first notes of The Blue Danube sounded in the air. Marina extended her arm, looking at him with the smile.

"A dance."

John stepped back, his eyes widening a little. He looked at her arm, still extended, and back to her face.

"Lets dance."

He slowly took her arm, making a posture for walts, as they started moving. His dance moves were basic, but fluent.


She looked at him in the face, the serious, but questing face meeting her.

"Because, I am thankful for the work you do. So thank you."

He tensed, but then he looked away, hiding his face.

She had lowered her face as well, until she could feel his hold tighten just a little, his body relaxing. She looked at him, as she saw a small smile on his face.

"No. Thank you."

The night covering them with the light darkness, the stars and the moon were illuminating the young couple. The soft notes circling around them, as they danced.