A Quick Guide To Finding Your MBTI Type

People are different from each other. Not one person is the same as the other. But sometimes it seems, that the world wants to take as identical parts of the same entity. So some people start perceiving some of the qualities in people as better and some as worst.

But all of that is just a perceptions. Jung wrote is his Psychological Types, that different ways in which people work are not better or worse, just different. Based on the theory in his book, Isabel Briggs Myers put it in a way, that is more understandable even to the people, that do not have the time, to read and understand theoretical psychology.

MBTI system knows the 16 personality types, that came with 4 dimensions. The first is where people get energy (Extrovert or Introvert), the second how they get the information (Sensing and iNtuition), the third is how the process the information (Thinking and Feeling) and the last how they deal with the world (J or P). By placing the four letters one after another, we get the name of the personality type.

Introvert and Extrovert

The introvert and extrovert functions deal with how people managed their energy, when is the focus of their world and how they deal with people.

The introvert people are the one, that have a focus on subjective. These are people, that are affected more by the processes inside of them then by the outside influences. They pause before speaking as they prefer to to think quietly and only came out with their opinion already formed. They get more energized by being and working alone, and being in the group environment tires them out. They also prefer to reflect before acting and then reflect again after acting.

The extravert people are people, that have an objective and external world as a focus. They are influenced by the changes in their environment and situations outside of their head, as opposed to internal processes. They usually speak immediately, forming their mind through talking. They get energized by being in the group and communicating, making social activities recharging for them, which makes them good for working in teams. They act before they think and overall prefer action before reflection.

If you find yourself more a introvert type, write down an I and if you are more an extrovert type, write down an E.

Sensing and Intuition

The sensing and intuitive function are about the way people get their informations. How do they trust their senses and intuition, how they work with the big picture vs. details and what is the best way for them to get information.

The intuitive types of people are the ones, that are more comfortable with abstract information and their intuition as opposed to their senses. They are the ones, that explore the possibilities, and are spontaneous as result of that. They work and trust people based on hunches and intuition. They see the big picture, but they are usually missing the details from it. They are more comfortable by getting a load of information at the same time, as they shuffle through it, discarding the unnecessary and forming a big picture. They are throwing in the deep end of the pool type of people.

The sensing types of people, on the other hand, trust the concrete information, the information gathered through their five senses in much higher regard as something as unreliable as hunches and intuition. They are harder to convince in the idea, except if it is backed up by facts and logic. They remember a huge amount of facts, but they sometimes miss the big picture. They are the type of people, that prefer the step by step explanation, and getting the information in parts. They are very good at getting information out of practical exercise.

If you think you are more of a intuitive type of person, write down and N, and if you find yourself more in the sensing type, write down an S.

Thinking and Feeling

The thinking and feeling functions describe the thought process, more specifically, how people make a decision. Do not make a mistake, a thinking type of person is not more logical and the feeling type of person is not more emotional. It just describes the rational process of making a decision.

The thinking type of people are the one, that put justice before merci. They try to reach the decision, that seems like the most logical. They use objective criteria, not putting a lot of stress on the subjective ideas or peoples values. The like the question why and they like the debate. For them, the most important thing for them is, that the decision is the best, that is could be.

The feeling type, on the other hand, do not like disagreement, so they put people, that the decision will affect in the much higher place. They take values and subjective ideas a lot more into account instead of the objective reasons. They are more likely to show mercy, that judgement. They will reach the decision, that will keep or bring back the harmony and help people as much as possible.

If you are a thinking type of person, write down an T, and if you are a feeling type of person write down an F.

Perceiving and Judging

The perceiving and judging functions describes the people dealing with the world. How they share their findings and make a decision. How they complete the tasks. How organized they appear.

The perceiving types are the one, that do not like to make decision. They prefer to leave the decision open, and are ready to change it, based on the later information and working on the fly, with no plan. They also share their observations, not their decision. The perceiving types are the ones, that do the school work on the last day before the deadline. They are the ones, that are flexible and can work in most environment. They are the ones, that even when making the to-do list, they will not stick to it, but will still do some work done. Just not on the list. They don’t mind mixing the different parts of their life (like fun and work).

The judging types are their opposite. The will make the decision, share the decision with people, make a plan and stick to it. The ones, that will not want to change the deal latter. The people, that work with a purpose, and the people that know what they want from life. The people that have detailed long term plans. They are the people, that do the school work everyday, based on the plan. The ones that need the structure, that they are used to, to be the most productive. The once, that you can rely on, to do exactly the things, that you agreed on. Usually before the deadline. They are also people, that will keep the work and the family matters separated.

If you find yourself more in the perceiving type, write an P and if you think you are more a judging type, write an J.

Combining the four letters together, we get a name of the personal type. And you can take your type and learn more about it. Just search for it on the net.