The Fairytale Horse [Bleach Fanfiction]

"And they lived happily ever after." Ichigo had closed the book, glad it was finally over. On the bed next to him, was sitting his white counterpart, who was thinking over the story, he had just listened to intently.

"So, on the end love had conquered all. No gruesome fighting and no spectacular deaths." Ichigo sighed, knowing he would have to explain everything.

"It is a fairytale. Story made for little kids. There is probably some rule, that have to be as happy as possible. So no fighting and no killing the hero of the story."

"So, the things inside are real events, but with children-safe way of telling?"

"I doubt that. There is no way, that every step-mother is evil, witches exist, dragons fly in the air, and beautiful princess get saved by the prince on the white horse." The hollow had only smirked.

"Just like hollow and death gods do not exist. I am sure they are somewhere, we just can not see them. We do not have the power yet." He looked up, thinking. Ichigo turned away on his chair.

"I have homework to do, so if that is all..." He did not get a reply.

After a while the old man with the glasses had come inside, just as Ichigo was stretching, finishing the work for today.

"Zangetsu, did you finish?" He looked at the newcomer.

"Aah. There should not be anymore hollow attack tonight. Did you two finish?" He looked at the white counterpart, who was still in thought with his usual grin on his face.

"Yeah. I would like to go to sleep, so..." Zangetsu started to dissolve, but Shiro stayed behind.

"King, can I go somewhere tomorrow?" He asked with a glen in his eyes and Ichigo had eyed him suspiciously.

"You are not planning to do anything, ... unusual, right?" He shook his head.

"I will not hurt a living soul. Or any soul for that matter. Except if some hollow get on my way. I will not do anything, I know you will disapprove of. I promise."

"And you will do what exactly,..."

"It is a surprise."

Sighing, Ichigo rubbed his head looking away.

"Do what you like." He just nodded in answer, getting dissolved in the same way the Zangetsu before him.

Ichigo had been distant all the time he was in school. It was lunch time and they were sitting on the roof. Even Keigo's usually blabbering could not have even fazed him. Until something bumped on to him. He looked at it surprised and then annoyed.

"Keigo, what do you thing you are doing?" He practically tackled him.

"But you have been so cold, Ichigo." He just sighed, looking away.

"What the 12 division is doing, does it bother you so much?" He shook his head ad Ishida's question.

"It is not that. It is just, ..." He paused for a second, as if question himself. "My inner hollow wanted a day off and I let him have it. I am a little worried, that is all." Ishida had closed his eyes.

"He is too far away do distinguish anything, but he appears to be returning. It will take him quite a lot of time, thought."

Ichigo looked at him, a small smile on his face. "Thank you."

They were just sitting in the classroom, Ichigo tried not to worry. Zangetsu did assure him, that Shiro will not broken his promise, but it only partly helped.

He finally felt the all too familiar spiritual pressure. It wanted to be know, and Ichigo had a bed feeling.

"Teacher, I am not feeling to well, can I go to the doctor's office?." Teacher looked at him, but before answering, there was an all too familiar voice coming from the outside.

"King, I have brought you a horse." Ichigo froze, while the people at he window chairs had look out through the window.

"Could you please pay attention." It did not help, that the teacher was new, since nobody listened.

"But teacher, there is an albino Kurosaki Ichigo standing down, dressed in the weird white clothing and waiving." The teacher eyed the student weirdly and stepped to the window, looking down. He turned around and looked at Ichigo, seeing him running out of the classroom.

The teacher yelled after him: "I did not allow you to leave."

"Hey, King can you hear me, or had you hearing gone bad as well?" He stopped, like he spotted something. "Inoue, is Ichigo sleeping inside right now? If you could, would you wake him up?" At that moment Ichigo came out of the school.

"What are you doing?" His voice was angry, but at least he still had the volume down. The other students were coming after him, coming closer.

"Well, prince have to came on the white horse and save the princess in danger to become the true king. Since I do not know, how to do that, I am not worthy to be you horse for that. That is way, I went and retrieved a white horse for you." Ichigo was now angry, the mark appearing on his forehead.

"And...?" It was like he was waiting for an answer, but Shiro had not know what to answer. His instinct had also screamed at him to get away.

"I just wanted to help..." The air had changed his structure and Shiro, still being a hollow, started loosing the grip on his emotions.

"Shirosaki Senma..." Like he did not know he was in trouble before, Ichigo had never called him by his full name. Not unless he was extremely angry. And all the tension had came to him. He took the Zangetsu from his back, attacking Ichigo. Ichigo materialized Zangetsu and blocked the first swing from above. The swords clashed and most students had blown away, from the shear force of their energy. The energy that was released from pair made most of the student fall. The broke and Ichigo jumped away, releasing himself from his body.

Toshiro, Byakuya and Rukia had came from the Spirit gate, but before they had made even two steps, the two high spiritual pressure had washed over them. Recognizing it as Ichigo's, they flash stepped towards the commotion.

To the people watching, the battle looked even. They could hear the the metal striking metal, but everything else was just a blur with some sparks. The captains and Rukia had came there and just looked. To their eyes, Ichigo had been fighting himself.

Ichigo realized, that his hollow started fighting only on instinct. He tried to stop him, but the hollow had him on the defense. The left block there, the jump, the dodge on the right,... He lost counts of each of them, when the familiar spiritual pressure went over him. Not knowing, how Soul Society would react to his hollow, he stopped, his hollow stopping with him.

Ichigo had a small wounds on all his body, bit Shiro only had one big on his back. The bout looked at one another. Ichigo took a glance at the newcomers and used flash step to get behind his white counterpart, knocking him down, taking the horse and disappeared in the blink of the eye. The students just stared.

"So, was that horse Ichigo's?" Byakuya was the first to ask. Ishida just sighed.

"It was brought here for him, but he was surprised to see it. He probably saw it for the first time in his life."

"Can anybody explain what had happened here. Do you guys even realize, how dangerous it is to release that kind of spiritual pressure?" They all looked at Toshiro, who was losing his cool.

"Do you thing you can order anybody around, shorty. I would advise you to stop dressing like Kurosaki and just go back to your school. Won't teacher be worried, because you skipped your kanji practice." Toshiro looked at the student, that dared to say it, and the air around him become colder.

"Shirosaki just wanted to surprise Ichigo." Inoue looked ready to defend herself.

"Shirosaki?" Rukia looked interested, and Inoue tried to answer, but Ishida stopped her.

"They don't need to know." He glared at them.

In that moment the people of 12 division and Hanatarou came into the view.

"Captain Kuchiki, captain Hitsugaya." They bowed to them and turned to Ishida. "Thank you for cooperation. We had finished."

Hanatarou came forward. "So, I will begin the healing of the people that got hurt at this accident." She started to work.

"So, do you guys have anything, that would make people here forget what happened today?" They looked at Ishida.

"We have, it will take less than ten minutes. We will prepare immediately." The bowed to the Captain again and left.

"Brother, why were you so interested into the owner of the horse?"

"It was unexpected, seeing something like that here." He shook his head. "It doesn't matter."

They had traveled for quite some time. Shiro had felt Ichigo's tension, but the anger had went to a more controlled manner. It was not gone. He averted his eyes away from Ichigo, even thought he didn't even looked at him. He started to feel sorry for his lost of control. His reason had came back, and he was sure he would not go unpunished. He attacked Ichigo while he was at school. He sighed, not caring where they were going. But he did wonder, why did Ichigo brought the horse with them. After a while he stopped on the clearing. He put them down. Shiro just looked down, trying to put a distance between them.

"I am sorry." Shiro froze, thinking he misheard Ichigo.

"I overreacted. You did it because you were sure it is for my best. But that does not mean I ma not angry for what you did today. The whole school could see you thanks to the 12 division's experiment. What were you thinking?" He took a sneak look at Ichigo. He sighed.

"I never thought I will see the day, you will back away from me." He looked away. The hard look softening.

"I am sorry." It was hard for him to say it, but it was to be fair. But the only thing he saw was a dumbstruck Ichigo.

"What, you can not even take a simple sentence. You brain must have been even slower than usual." He tried to hid behind a mask of his sarcastic self. Ichigo just smiled, and went to now looking away hollow. He completely softened his eyes,... and felt the hand on his hair.

"It is okay, at least we went through a other lesson. Whey you do something bad, you apologize and try to correct you mistakes." Shiro looked at him.

"But I had never thought the blood thirsty hollow can be such a baby." He smirked at his hollow.

"We still have to return the horse to who it belongs." They both looked at the white horse, that started eating the grass.

"It told me it does not have a home. I did first try to steal it, but since this horse does not have a owner, I asked it, if he would like to came with me. So, there is really not place to returned it." Ichigo looked at him with a disbelieving eyes.

"We can not keep it." The white horse at that time touched Ichigo with his nose. Shiro laughed.

"He likes you." Ichigo turned around and petted the head.

"Well, since you went through the trouble to find a horse, do you want to ride it?" He went to his back, like it was a most natural thing on the world and extended his hand to Shiro. He took it and they both sat in the back very soon. And they realized, after the horse started moving, that they do not need to do anything but hold on tight, since the it took care of their safety and comfort.

"But do not forget, fairytales are not real an do not try to copy them ever again." Shiro just nodded.

Enjoying their ride, they had came to their house, Ichigo and Shiro already sleeping. An that moment Zangetsu appeared from the inner world, taking Shiro inside Ichigo. He looked at the horse and bowed.

"Thank you." The horse just left, leaving them here. Zangetsu had picked Ichigo bride style up and get him to his room. His body was already there, so he join them, tucking him inside his bed, making sure, he was comfortable. He speared the last glance at his sleeping face and went out.

"Did Ichigo came home safely?" The spirit sword turned around, seeing quincy in his traditional outfit. He nodded and looked at the sky again.

"Aha, he is sleeping peacefully in his bed." Ishida stepped next to him, looking at the sky also.

"All spiritual unaware people had forgotten everything about today. And the captains had returned to Soul Society, finishing their job. They did gave me a message for Ichigo, so you can hold it to it." He gave a thick envelope to Zangetsu, who pick it up and place it inside his robes.

"It is Ichigo's turn to patrol this city tonight."

"I could not sleep and I thought he wanted some peace and quiet after what happened today." He just took glance at the him, not commenting.


"Shiro." He looked at the two death gods that had came to the bedroom.

"Ichigo is not here right now, taking a shower." They smiled and Shiro got a feeling he would not like it.

"We did not came to see Ichigo today." The death god with the orange hair was scaring him. It did not wonder him, she could be friends with Ichimaru Gin. He could see the similarity.

"We just came to get you something to read." Rukia had brought the book from behind it. Shiro took at with great care, like it could explode.

"We just bought it." They grinned, but the curiosity took better of him.

After about 20 minutes later, Ichigo had come back.

"Shiro what are you reading?" He showed the cover, but it was only pink nothing written on it.

"But I do not understand what are they talking about. Rukia and Matsumoto had brought it." He made a big circle with his eyes.

"What do you not understand?" He asked patiently, and hoped they did not involve anything weird.

"What is a kiss?" Ichigo just stared. "There are also other words that I do not understand, like sex, blow job, and similar." Ichigo had slapped himself on the forehead.

"Give me that book." Ichigo looked at Shiro, his hand extended. But he just clenched it closer.

"First answer my question." Ichigo sighed and lean closer, pressing his lips on Shiro's forehead. It had barley touched, and Ichigo pulled away. Shiro just stared into him, his fingers moving on the place Ichigo touched. For some reason it felt nice.

"That was a kiss." With that words he took a book and teared into pieces. Then he went out of his body.

"Where are you going?"

Ichigo stopped on the window, and said without turning. "Killing Matsumoto and Rukia."

After saying that he jumped down.