Truth in Hot Springs [Detective Conan Fanfiction]

"Conan, it is going to be fun!"

Conan was trying to fight desperately against Ran. The latter was excited to go in the hot baths that were famous at this hotel. He was just trying to say something when Kogorou grabbed him, dragging him to the man side.

"The men are on this site."

He started to walk away, not relishing his grip. Ran looked at him confused, but he disappeared around the corner before she could say something. She looked at Sonoko, that was standing next to her.

"You should just forget about the brat."

She just grabbed Ran's hand, jumping from excitement.

Conan was looking surprised at Kogorou. He already let go of him, and was walking, looking forward. They undressed in silence, entering the baths.

They were sitting inside the hot water. Conan let the contented sigh escape his mouth. Kogorou started to look at him, and Conan looked at him through one eye, not liked being watched. After a while, Conan got annoyed.

"Is there something stuck on my face?"

He tried to ask in child voice, and he was surprised to see Kogorou flinch. He opened both eyes to look at him.

"Is something wrong?"

Kogorou looked away.

"I think, that is my line to ask."

Conan looked surprised at that. But his face quickly become serious and his eyes narrowed. He glared at him.

"Kids don't make faces like that."

Conan's face relaxed in a moment, his eyes widening and he got a nervous smile on his face.

"What kind of faces?"

Kogorou looked at him, his attention no wavering. Conan's smile falling down.

"You know, your mother is a lot better actor than you."

"What are you talking about?"

The second of silence were intense, but then Kogorou sighed.

"What happened to you, detective brat?"


"No use denying it, Kudou Shinichi."

Conan gasped. Surprise was wiped out of his face, as he tried to hide it from Kogorou. Glancing at him, he only saw the understanding in his eyes, not searching or anger. Conan sighed, suddenly appearing older than his body showed. His hair was obstructing his eyes.

"You are really sure... I guess asking for proof is useless."

"What happened to you?"

He leaned forward, keeping his eyes on shrunken detective form. He tried to reach out, but he stopped himself, leaning back.

"Well, they say that the curiosity killed the cat..."

He chuckled darkly. At that moment, he looked like a defeated animal. Completely different from his normal confided self. His unwavering confidence was a talk of the whole police station, even press had commented on it before. Right now, there was non of it there, just a broken man in child's body.

"I see."

Kogorou leaned back, relaxing in the water. He was looking up, trying to find the right words.

"I still don't know, why didn't you just told us."

Conan laughed, but it was a hollow. It soon stopped.

"Tell what? I am sorry Ran, but I managed to shrink myself. They tried to kill me and if they ever find out about my being alive, they will finish the job, and killed all people around me. You don't mind me staying in your house right?"

His face was sarcastic, full of venom. There eyes finally met. There was hurt in there eyes, the self-hate. There were like the eyes of people, that lost everything. There was still fire behind it, but right now, it was bearably visible.

"Fine, that would not have gone well."

Conan looked away, his eyes narrowing. His body was tense, and his fists had formed. Kogorou sighed.

"Stop with it already!"

The boy didn't move, even as Kogorou raised his voice. The people around them looked at them. He tried to bow as an apology, any they stopped looking at them. Kogorou sighed in frustration, and grabbed his head.

"I guess what I am trying to say it, that is all right to ask for help from time to time."

He paused. He tried to collect his thought while looking for reaction. There was none.

"I am not blaming you for putting me to sleep all the time, so for exchange at least listen to me."

Conan tensed even more, something Kogorou didn't deemed possible. But then he slowly turned around. At least body facing him, if the eyes didn't. He looked behind Kogorou. He nodded. It was almost not visible, but Kogorou's eyes smiled at the gesture.

"It was not your fault. So stop blaming yourself. Do something. I mean, even Ran is waiting for you, even if you are not really worthy."

Kogorou's voice sounded confident, even as he paused. But he looked a little confused, like looking for words. Conan brought his hand in front of the face, letting a chuckle out. His body had almost none of the tension.

"I think I got the point."

Kogorou puffed, crossing his arms in front of his body.

"I still think Ran is too good for you."

Conan's smile disappeared, but there was a lot more determination in him.

"Then I will simply have to become better, to reach the standard."

Kogorou raised his eyebrows, looking surprised. Then he smiled.

"As long as you understand that."

There was a short pause. They Conan looked at Kogorou, like waiting for something.

"So, about the sleeping Kogorou..."

"will never make an appearance again."

He looked at him, and Conan gulped. Then he glared back.

"Next time you want me to deliver deduction, you will have to tell it to me."

"I guess I can live with that."

Scream was heard. They looked at each other for a moment, before they both run out of the water, to the scream.