Favor in the Classroom [Detective Conan Fanfiction]

Shinichi walked through the door, stopping when he entered the classroom. He looked around, chuckling at the site. There was a flock of birds flying around and every single person in the classroom had different hair color. In the middle of it, his look-alike was getting attacked by a mop, wilded by the girl with currently bright pink hair. Shinichi shook his head, leaning on the wall, getting comfortable.

Hakuba turned around, leaving the group, while sighing. He looked in front of himself and stared. There, at the door was Kaito's twin. His body tensed, eyes widening in horror. He looked at Kaito and back to the newcomer.

"Don't worry. I don't plan to add to his chaos."

He looked around, indicating the classroom. Hakuba visually relaxed. The newcomer stood up, extending his arm to Hakuba.

"Kudou Shinichi. Nice to finally meet you, Hakuba."

Hakuba took his hand, shaking it. He looked at his intensely, after releasing the hand. Shinichi titled his head in questioning.

"So what is a detective like you doing in this school?"

"I came to ask Kaito for some help."

"Do you know he is a suspect in Kaitou Kid case?"

"I know, but he has a lot more tact than my mom, and is a lot easier to get a hold of than a certain american movie star."

Hakuba looked at him in surprise.

"You don't really want to know.."

They looked back to the classroom, seeing Kaito keeping his balance on top of the window. Aoko was trying to get him down, but he wouldn't fall no matter what.

Shinichi decided that he waited long enough. He looked from one to another, then brought his football to his legs, kicking it, so it barely missed Kaito. Both of them stopped, Aoko's mouth falling open in surprise, dropping her mop. Everybody else in room, beside Akako, looked at Shinichi. They glanced between two look-alikes. The magician got the biggest smirk possible.

"You know, I am really thankful that you are not in my class."

He walked towards them, Hakuba decided to just watch from the distance. Everybody moved, so they made space for them.

"But why, Shin-chan. It would make sneaking out of the class that much easier."

Shinichi glared at his counterpart.

"I can sneak out just fine."

Kaito looked up, mumbling something that sounded something like writing practice.

"That was a different time."

"Whatever you say, Shin-chan."

"If you call me that just one more time, you are getting the ball in your face."

He smirked.

"I would even put the shoes on for you."

Kaito blanched. Then he got his face under control, the whiteness disappearing. He jumped from the top of the window right in front of Shinichi, dropping on his knee and bowing.

"I am sorry for my mistake, Shinichi. I hope you will accept my humble apology."

He took Shinichi's hand into his, planting a kiss. He then looked up, conjuring the purple rose in his hand, offering it to Shinichi. He took it and put it on himself, sighing.

"You are not making me do the play role thing here."

Kaito stood up, maneuvering himself, so Shinichi was between him and Aoko, who was out of her shock, ready to yell some more on Kaito. Kaito putted, showing his displeasure of not having the fun.

"Why did you came here?"

Shinichi looked away, getting frustrated. Then he took a deep inhale and exhale, turning back to Kaito with confidence.

"I need you help with the case I am solving."

Kaito titled his head in questioning. Hakuba and Aoko on the other site gapped. Everybody else just looked surprised. Even Akako looked from her book, she had been reading, with her eyebrows raised.

"Shouldn't you ask that Osaka detective for that? Even Hakuba would be a bigger help than me..."

"Not with solving a case, but... How should I say it..."

Hakuba came closer. He looked suspiciously at Shinichi. Kaito stepped on the side, giving Hakuba space.

"Helping solving a case, that Kuroba could substitute for your mom or american movie star? What could that be?"

Everybody blinked. Kaito started to laugh, not being able to stop for a couple of seconds. There were small tears in his eyes, that he wiped away.

"You are kidding me."

"I wish I was."

He put his finger on his chin, thinking. There was a big smirk on his face.

"I guess I could ask for something in return."

Shinichi sighed, looking down. Then he waved with his hand to continue.

"What to ask for, what to ask for,..."

Kaito looked in the air for some time. He appeared to be thinking. He the revelation hit his face.

"Here is an idea. You are going to bring home-made cookies to next heist and give it to Kaitou Kid."

Shinichi looked at him, surprised. Hakuba's eyes narrowed at the two look-alikes. Aoko started to yell.

"Why would you give a cookies to that good-for-nothing-thief?"

"To poison him?"

Aoko stopped. They all turned to Shinichi in wonder.

"My baking skills are to be desired."

Hakuba looked at Kaito victorious, but his smile felt, seeing the smirk full of confidence on Kaito's face.

"Wasn't it clear I meant Ran's cookies?"

Shinichi stared at Kaito, but he wasn't backing down. Shinichi sighed, nodding.

"You have a deal."

Kaito grabbed his hand, shaking it. The he started to dance around the room. At that moment, the teacher came to the room, looking around at the happy Kaito and turned completely white. Shinichi used the distraction, to get as far away from the classroom as possible. Hyperactive Kaito in never a Kaito, you want to be around.